801 Magnetic Stirrer/Mixer

801 Magnetic Stirrer, speed range: 0-2300 rpm, maximum stirring volume: 3000 ml (0.8 gallons)

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  • Highly cost-effective choice of a reliable Magnetic Stirrer/Mixer
  • 3000 ml (0.8 gallons) stirring capacity
  • Meets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 standards
  • 2-year Warranty


Apera Instruments 801 Magnetic Stirrer/Mixer is a reliable yet affordable choice for laboratory mixers. Comes with magnetic stirring bars with a speed range of 0-2300 rpm. Working diameter: ø120 mm. Maximum stirring volume: 3000 ml (0.8 gallons). Powered by DC9V power adaptor. The stirrer meets ISO 9001:2008 standards and comes with a 2-year warranty.

801 Stirrer Manual (Manual-801_stirrer__confirmed_v3.pdf, 154 Kb) [Download]

Purchased for yeast activation in a 3L flask. Plenty of power and smooth operation. Packaging was professional. A quality product.
I'm using this spin plate for the creation of a yeast starter when brewing a batch of beer. My 2L Erlenmeyer flask fits perfectly on its base. The magnet is strong and the variable control knob quite responsive to adjust for a nice spin. The top is flat and very easy to clean up, in case you have a little spill of overflow. Recommended!
Been using this to stir MCT oil with special compounds. Was running it non stop for 5 days. no problem.
After that I use it now to spin my water. I got some small shungite pebbles in it at the same time.
Works perfect. had it now for 1 month. its running maybe 8 hours a day. no issues. Its quiet with the right magnet inside. Important to me as its on my desk running all day.
glad I bought it.
I use this to mix PearlEx powder to make calligraphy ink. It works like a charm! get it!
Works well for a large range of mixtures ranging from stirring soupy agar to dissolving solids in water. Very powerful for such a small unit, a great addition to any lab.
I have used this stir plate a few times now, and it works great. I use it to make yeast starters for homebrewing in a 2 L Erlenmeyer flask. The base of the flask is a bit bigger than the stir plate, but it's a non issue. The motor is plenty powerful for what I'm doing; I probably never go higher than 25% power. It is very quiet and very stable with rubber feet to keep the unit from sliding.
Probably not your typical purchase, but my wife and I got tired of shaking baby while the little one screamed. This magnetic stirrer does the trick.We fill a one liter Tupperware container with water and formula and let this gizmo mix 'er up while we soothe baby. Takes about for minutes to get 'er done. Couldn't be happier with the results.
Awesome stir plate and well priced. I use it for yeast starters for homebrewing and utilize my 2L flask on this overnight. It safely holds the flask but the edges slightly hang over the stir plate. I wish the diameter was a little bigger but it isn't a deal breaker by any means. I've run this for 48 hours straight with no issues. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a stir plate.
I purchased the Apera 801 Magnetic Lab Stirrer recently. I used it this past weekend for the first time to make a yeast starter for a Bourbon Barrel
Porter Beer that I'm brewing. It worked great! Very quality Item for a great price.
I was extremely please with this magnetic stirrer. The stirrer came perfectly package and was easy to assemble. I had the stirrer up and running in no time, thank you Apera instruments for saving me so much time not having to stir all the supplements I need for my aquarium. If you have a salt water reef tank look no further, for a stirrer, just measure your water and supplements. Turn it on and in a couple minutes you are done. Thank you Apera and happy reefing to all my reefers this a well worth investment and a must if you have a reef tank for all your supplements (magnesium,calcium,carbonate alkalinity)
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