601 Magnetic Stirrer/Mixer with an electrode holder

601 Powerful Magnetic Lab Stirrer / Stir Plate with Electrode Holder

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  • An economical choice of a RELIABLE & DURABLE magnetic stirrer/mixer with an electrode holder
  • STABLE & POWERFUL stirring ability with a Max. 3000ml stirring capacity
  • Smooth speed control (0-2300 rpm)
  • Durable structure design
  • 2-YEAR Warranty, CE Certified

The Apera Instruments 601 Magnetic Stirrer/Mixer with an electrode holder features a reliable design and a powerful stirring ability. It comes with two magnetic stir bars (25mm and 30mm) and an electrode holder. The speed range is 0-2300 rpm. Working diameter: ø120 mm. Maximum stirring volume: 3000 ml (0.8 gallons). Powered by DC9V power adaptor. Ideal for laboratory use. Not suitable for highly viscous solutions. Glass beakers and electrodes are not included.

CE-Certified Product with a 2-year warranty

601 stirrer manual v2 (Manual-601_stirrer__confirmed__v2.pdf, 157 Kb) [Download]

If you need one on a budget just order it. Water test are now easy as heck! Works great.
This is a fantastic stirrer. It has been in continuous use in my lab for two months now. The magnet is strong and you can actually feel it pull on the beaker as I set it down. Very nice stir speed control. Very good product.
Need to make yeast starter in a 2L flask? Me, too.

Ran the plate with each stir bar for a half an hour on high with 2L of water in an erlenmeyer flask and out of the two included bars and my own bar it threw the small flat included bar at 70% dial speed or higher. The other two were stable for the entirety of the test. Even if it turns out to be not the 100% stable on full and throws it once in a long while you're not going to need full speed for making starter, so whatever.

It is a little small but if you don't mind putting it where it won't get knocked hard it's not going to go sliding around on you on its own, or even with light taps.
Excellent quality, overall. Good materials. Well balanced - no vibration. Will pull a relatively large vortex in a full (water) 2L Erlenmeyer with a 25mm stir bar.
Just received my magnetic stirrer and for the money paid I couldn't be happier. Its use will be for stirring liquid cultures.
Its a very compact size so it really takes up minimal space and so far appears to be functioning perfectly.
It comes with two stir bars of differing size which is also nice as they can be pricey when purchased separately. There's many options out there for magnetic stirrers in this price range, with some offering fancy options but reading reviews shows there seems to be a pattern of reliability issues. This model is a "no frills" version and for someone like me concerned more with reliability and small footprint space its a perfect choice.
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