LabSen® 763 Stainless Steel Blade pH Electrode Probe

LabSen® 763 Stainless Steel Blade pH Electrode

pH+Temperature, pH
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The LabSen 763 Blade pH Electrode/Probe adopts durable food-grade stainless steel sheath and blade, solid electrolyte, and long-life reference system, making the probe hard to be contaminated and maintenance-free.

Ideal for professional meat pH measuring such as fish, meat, and meat products.

This is a replacement pH electrode for Apera Instruments SX811-BS Portable pH Meter, also compatible with Apera Instruments MP511, PH700, PH800, PC800, PH820, PC820 and SX823-B.

  • Meat

Range0 to 14 pH
Temp. Range0 to 80˚C
Cable/Connector1m / BNC
MaterialStainless Steel
Temp. ProbeBuilt-in
JunctionCeramic + Single Pore
Membrane ShapeSpear

Works great for our product testing
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