201-C Combination pH Electrode/Test/Sensor

Apera Instruments AI1301 201-C Combination pH Electrode, BNC Connector, Polycarbonate/Glass

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  • The economical choice of a reliable combination pH Electrode/Sensor/Tester
  • Quality glass bulb ph. sensor
  • Equipped with a detachable probe storage cap, keeping the sensor hydrated when not in use.
  • Gel KCL electrolyte adopted; No need for refilling.
  • 6-Month Warranty fulfilled by Apera Instruments

The Apera Instruments 201-C Combination pH Electrode/Sensor/Tester is an economical choice for a reliable combination pH electrode. Ideal for regular water solutions' pH measurement in scientific research, environmental monitoring, and quality control. Measurement Range: 0–14 pH, 0–80˚C (32–176˚F); Housing: Polycarbonate; Junction: Single Ceramic; Reference Electrode: Ag/AgCl; Connector: BNC; Size: ø12*160 mm; Cable: 3 Ft Not suitable for testing in low-ion concentration solutions (e.g.: deionized water or distilled water), strong base solutions (pH>12), highly corrosive liquid, or for continuous testing in high temperature solutions (>140˚F). Compatible with any pH meters that use BNC connectors. Temperature sensor is not built-in. Users need to have a separate temperature probe to enable ATC or manually input temperature to complete temperature compensation. This electrode has a 6-Month limited warranty fulfilled by Apera Instruments, LLC.

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