PHB-3 Economic Waterproof pH Pocket Tester Meter

PHB-3 Economic Waterproof pH Pocket Tester

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  • SINGLE-Button operation with Easy Auto Calibration
  • Auto Temperature Compensation (ATC) ensures accuracy in variant temperatures (0-50.0˚C)
  • Complete kit with READY-TO-USE calibration solution and AAA batteries in a portable carrying case
  • Auto power-off in 10 min if no operation, low-battery alarm
  • 1000 hours of continuous operation powered by 2 AAA batteries

The Apera Instruments PHB-3 Economic Waterproof pH Pocket Tester is the most economic choice of a reliable pocket pH tester/meter for your regular aqueous solution's pH measurements, including hydroponics, aquaculture, pools& spas, education, tap/drinking water, etc. Easy single button operation for 1-point Auto Calibration (pH 7.0) and 0 to 50˚C Auto Temperature Compensation (ATC); ±0.1 pH, 0.5˚C accuracy with 0 to 14.0 pH range.

Comes with a complete kit of premixed calibration solution (pH 7.00), AAA batteries in a portable carrying case. Auto power-off in 10 min if no operation, low-battery alarm. IP57 waterproof and dustproof, floating on water so you don’t have to worry if it falls into water by accident. 1000 hours' continuous operation (without backlit) powered by AAA batteries.

The meter is CE certified and comes with a 2-year warranty.

PHB-3 manual v2 (PHB-3__confirmed_-v2.pdf, 172 Kb) [Download]

I use this sensor to check my pool pH about 5 times a week and have been very pleased with it. I've only had to re-calibrate once because I accidentally held down the power button too long and put it in cal mode and then put it in the pool. That wasn't a big deal because it's easy to re-cal with the solution. Stay away from the cheaper models that aren't waterproof and come with the powder calibration solutions.
This is the most easy pH tester that I have used. I love that the tip is narrow so I can easily test in small containers for skincare products. Very easy to calibrate and doesn't break like some others I have purchased. Totally recommend this pH tester!
Dont bother with anything else for your pool. So easy to calibrate and repeat results every time. I have one minor complaint; it is too easy to enter cal mode while turning unit off. Otherwise i love it!!!
This meter is perfect for my spa. It's durable, easy to use, and accurate. Just dip it in the spa and wait for the reading. the calibration is equally simple. Dip and wait for the reading. No more test strips for ph balance. Also, i like that uses AAA batteries instead of those coin size batteries which may be difficult to find.
I've only had this meter for a brief time but so far i am happy with it. It is solidly constructed and comes in a sturdy case. The instructions are easy to follow, it is easy to calibrate and it reads very quickly. I would recommend this as an inexpensive entry-level pen.
Excellent tester, use this on my hunting food plot soil. Simply bring some distilled water and a mixing cup and mix up 1 part dirt and one part distilled water and then test. This was much more accurate than the strips or probes. The Ph tested spot on with some soil samples I had tested at our state agriculture extension.
I tested this pH probe using three buffer solutions at pH 4, 7, and 10. It was easy to calibrate, and very accurate in the entire pH range. The glass bulb is well protected by the plastic body housing. It is easy to rinse and wipe dry. The batteries are easy to insert and remove for temporary use. I've used this probe several times now on known pH dilute solutions, and it has been accurate to within 0.1 pH unit. The plastic carry case is handy and well suited to this pocket pH meter. I would strongly recommend this probe. It is easily comparable in accuracy and ease of use to pH probes I use costing several hundred dollars. It is also fairly rugged and compact. I am very satisfied with this product.
Have only tested the unit to make sure it is functional. I will be using it soon and if there are issues I will report them. Easy to calibrate. This is my second different vendor pH meter. This one got good reviews and I wanted 2 to verify accuracy. Use it for brew and mash water.
This product works exactly as claimed. The setup and calibration was easy and it is very simple to use and care for. I would highly recommend it and would gladly purchase it again. If you need an easy to use pH meter for basic use, in my case I'm tracking my tap water, then this is the unit you want.
Great product! This was my second purchase for PH meter. First meter had 3 solutions. After youtubing procedure; I wanted a meter that required very little maintenance. This is it! Easy to follow directions, & precisely worked as described. Received it recently and am curious about longevity. 'Looks' and feels well made.
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