EC20 Value Pocket Conductivity Tester/Sensor/Meter

EC20 Value Pocket Conductivity Tester

±1% FS, Auto Calibration (1-2 points with auto buffer recognition), Auto Temp. Compensation (0 to 50˚C), Conductivity (EC)
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The Apera Instruments portable EC20 conductivity tester is simply the most reliable pocket conductivity (EC) meter/tester/sensor with the best value for all kinds of routine testing, including tap water/drinking water testing, agriculture, aquaculture, swimming pool, education, etc.

  • The unique platinum black conductivity probe technology ensures wide range measurement with accuracy and consistency.
  • An ultra clear 180˚ viewing angle screen with temp./EC value dual display and indications of completed auto calibrations and stable readings.
  • Complete kit with calibration solutions (1413 µs and 12.88 mS), AAA batteries, and a lanyard all in a rugged carrying case.
  • 1-2 points auto calibration and 0 to 50˚C auto temp. compensation, ±1% F.S accuracy with 0 to 20.00 mS/cm wide conductivity measuring range
  • Self-diagnosis with out-of -range warning and incorrect calibration warning.
  • IP67 Water-proof and dust-proof, floats on water so no need to worry if you drop it in the water by accident.
  • 200 hours' continuous operation powered by AAA batteries (with low power warning and auto power off in 8 min if no operation).

Meter’s Technical Specs



0 to 200.0 µS/cm, 0 to 2000 µS/cm, 0 to 20.00 mS/cm


0.1/1 µS/cm, 0.01 mS/cm


±1% F.S

Calibration Points

Automatic 1 to 2 points

Temperature Compensation

Auto Temperature Compensation

0 to 50 ˚C (32 to 122˚F)



0 to 50˚C (32 to 122˚F)






180˚ Viewing Angle LCD

Stable Reading Indication

Smiley Face icon

Low-Battery Warning

Battery icon flashing, reminder of battery replacement



Heads-Up Function


Auto. Power-Off

Yes, auto power-off in 8 minutes without operation

Waterproof Rating

IP67; Floatable


DC3V, AAA batteries*4

Battery Life

Continuous operation up to 1000 hours

Dimensions& Weight

Tester: (40*31*178) mm/ 107g With case:(190*165*40) mm/ 438g

Electrode’s Technical Specs


Regular water solution testing, such as pools and spas, hydroponics, tap water, drinking water, water treatment, waste water treatment, aquaculture, etc.

Type of Sensor

BPB (Brush-Resistant Platinum Black)



Temperature sensor



0.1 µS to 20.00 mS

Temperature Range

0 to 50˚C (32 to 122˚F)

EC20 Manual (EC20-v2.2.pdf, 816 Kb) [Download]

let me start by saying i have several of the Oakton testers for PH, EC, and TDS. with that in mind this unit is just as easy to use, pulls readings in line with the more expensive units i have, and stays calibrated quite well as long as you are maintaining it properly.

in all for the price point this is a good quality tester. Do yourself a favor and use storage solution when not using the unit this will maintain your calibration long term but always have calibration solution on hand for checking after long term storage or timely checks for accuracy.
This is my 3rd Apera tester...
all have worked flawless to date...
I use this to determine saline content of water to properly calibrate water softeners...
instructions and tables are well done...
I calibrated as per the instructions...and tested against a better reference tester, and it was within .2%... superb.
nice instrument...
This is awesome! It allows me to test the water I am drinking and to ensure I choose the clean water
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