ph20 ph meter/tester for tap water/drinking water testing, agriculture, aquaculture and swimming pool

PH20 Value Pocket pH Tester Kit

±0.1 pH, Auto Calibration (1-3 points with auto buffer recognition), Auto Temp. Compensation (0 to 50˚C), pH

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Simply the most reliable pocket pH meter/tester with the best value for all kinds of routine testing, such as tap water/drinking water testing, agriculture, aquaculture, swimming pool, education, etc.

  • The PH20 Value Pocket pH Meter/Tester has an ultra clear 180˚ viewing angle screen with temperature/pH value dual display and indications of completed auto calibrations and stable readings.
  • The PH20 Value Pocket pH Meter/Tester Kit is a complete pH tester kit with calibration solutions (4.00 and 7.00), AAA batteries, and a lanyard all in a rugged carrying case.
  • The PH20 Value Pocket pH Meter/Tester has 1-3 points auto calibration and 0 to 50˚C auto temperature compensation, ±0.1 accuracy with 0 to 14.0 pH measurement range
  • The PH20 Value Pocket pH Meter/Tester can do self-diagnosis with out-of -range warning and incorrect calibration warning.
  • The PH20 Value Pocket pH Meter/Tester is IP67 Water-proof and dust-proof, can float on water so no need to worry if you drop it in the water by accident.
  • The PH20 Value Pocket pH Meter/Tester has longest 400 hours' continuous operation powered by AAA batteries (with low power warning and auto power off in 8 min if no operation).

Meter’s Technical Specs



0 to 14.0 pH


0.1 pH


±0.1 pH

Calibration Points

Automatic 1 to 3 points

Temperature Compensation

Auto Temperature Compensation

0 to 50 ˚C (32 to 122˚F)



0 to 50˚C (32 to 122˚F)






180˚ Viewing Angle LCD

Stable Reading Indication

Smiley Face icon

Low-Battery Warning

Battery icon flashing, reminder of battery replacement



Heads-Up Function


Auto. Power-Off

Yes, auto power-off in 8 minutes without operation

Waterproof Rating

IP67; Floatable


DC3V, AAA batteries*4

Battery Life

Continuous operation up to 2000 hours

Dimensions& Weight

Tester: (40*31*178) mm/ 107g With case:(190*165*40) mm/ 438g

Electrode’s Technical Specs


Regular water solution testing, such as pools and spas, hydroponics, tap water, drinking water, water treatment, aquaculture, cooling towers, etc.

Shape of glass membrane




Temperature sensor



Single Junction Ceramic

Reference Eelctrode





0 to 14 pH

Temperature Range

0 to 50˚C (32 to 122˚F)

PH20 Manual (PH20_manual-v3.4.pdf, 868 Kb) [Download]

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this is the third type of pH meter I have used over the past 6 years for my small pickling business. This is the best one so far! Easy to calibrate, easy to use and results are consistent. Time will tell on durability, but so far, so great!
I'm not a scientist--I'm a home cook trying to make hot sauce without poisoning my family. You need to get the pH below 4.0 to be sure it's not going to spoil in the bottle (possibly causing botulism, which is nothing to mess around with). I wasn't going to use it all that often, so the first time around I bought a cheaper meter. I could never get it to calibrate. I'm not sure whether it was defective, or if I was just using it wrong. The instructions were total crap--sketchy, and written by someone with only the vaguest acquaintance with English. With nothing better than that to go on, the thing was useless.

This meter is altogether different. I had to try a couple of times to get it calibrated, but the instructions made it easy enough to figure out what I was doing wrong. After that, I had no trouble using it. Sure, it cost more, but I guess it's worth it to be reasonably sure of not killing anybody with my cooking!
This pen is head and shoulders above those cheaper pens. My hydro plants took off like rockets as soon as I was able to adjust them to their proper pH levels. Works like a charm and is waterproof. It could use a screen light, but that's my only gripe.
Easy to use and calibrate. Like the fact that it is water proof. The tip around the glass prob is long enough to protect it from breaking with normal use even if you hit it up against something hard the likelihood of it breaking is minimal, though take care not bang it around to much. Calibrating was simple, use the 4.o first then the 7.0 next and your calibrated and ready to use. Very accurate, used other type of ph meters against it and this meter was right on target, maybe better reading. Love the idea of just having two triple A's instead of trying to find the flat batteries. The storage case was bonus, has your ph solution and meter in foam fitted placement, locks up so not to open up accidentally. I feel this meter is going to do me for quite some time to come. Its worth the little extra money you spend. You can buy two or three 14 dollar meters a year or just one of these and use for a couple of years with care. Two negatives, 1 no back light and 2 must use there ph solutions to calibrate the meter. Other than that Great Meter.
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