PH60S Premium Spear pH Pocket Tester for Solid/Semi-Solid Sample Testing (Cheese, Meat, Sushi Rice, Soil...)

PH60S Premium Spear pH Pocket Tester Kit for Solid/Semi-Solid Sample Testing (Cheese, Meat, Sushi Rice, Soil...)

±0.01 pH, Auto Calibration (1-3 points with auto buffer recognition), Replaceable Probe, Auto Temp. Compensation (0 to 50˚C), pH
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  • Replaceable Swiss Spear Sensor that is perfect for soil, food, and other semi-solid pH measurements (also works great for aqueous pH testing). Easy to install so that you don’t have to buy a whole new meter once the probe retires.
  • Easy Auto Calibration with buffer recognition; Auto Temp. Compensation (ATC) which ensures accuracy in variant temperatures (0-50.0˚C)
  • Auto recognition of stable values (optional auto hold function available) improves consistency so you don’t have to guess when to manually hold measurement
  • Large Clear LCD screen with 3 backlit color (indicating 3 different modes), dual display of temp./pH, and indications of completed calibrations and stable readings
  • Complete kit with ready-to-use calibration solutions, calibration bottles, storage solutions, AAA batteries, a quick manual, and a lanyard all in a portable carrying case

The Apera Instruments PH60S Premium Spear pH Pocket Meter/Tester is simply the best pocket pH meter/tester in the market designed for soil, food (cheese, meat, fruit, sushi rice), canning, and other semi-solid’s pH measurements thanks to the Swiss LabSen Spear Electrode, which is impact-resistant and hard to be contaminated. Also works great for regular pH testing.

The Apera Instruments PH60S Premium Spear pH Pocket Meter/Tester has up to 3 points of Auto Calibration with buffer recognition and 0 to 50˚C Auto Temperature Compensation (ATC), ±0.01 pH, 0.5˚C accuracy with -2.00 to 16.00 pH measuring range, auto recognition and indication of stable values improves consistency, saving you the trouble of guessing when to manually hold measurement (optional auto hold function available).

With an Ultra clear 180˚ viewing angle screen with 3 backlit color (blue for measuring mode, green for calibration mode, red for warnings), the Apera Instruments PH60S Premium Spear pH Pocket Tester supports dual display of temp./pH value and indications of completed calibrations (where L/M/H indicate 3 points of calibrations) and stable readings (with a smiley face).

The Apera Instruments PH60S Premium Spear pH Pocket Tester comes with a complete kit of premixed calibration solutions (4.00 and 7.00), storage solutions (3M KCL), AAA batteries, and a lanyard all in a portable carrying case. Easy menu setting, customizing your tester according to your specific needs. Smart self-diagnosis, warning of out-of-range/preset measurement and incorrect calibrations. IP67 water-proof and dust-proof, floats on water so you don’t have to worry if dropped in water by accident. Longest 2000 hours of continuous operation (without backlit) powered by AAA batteries (with low power warning and auto power off in 8 min if no operation).

Warranty: 2 years for the meter, 6 months for the spear probe.

  • Beer Brewing
  • Cheese Making
  • Cosmetics
  • Fruit
  • Meat
  • Milk
  • Sauce
  • Soil
  • Sushi Rice
  • Wine Making

Meter’s Technical Specs



-2.00 to 16.00 pH


0.01/0.1 pH


±0.01 pH ±1 digit

Calibration Points

Automatic 1 to 3 points

Temperature Compensation

Auto Temperature Compensation

0 to 50 ˚C (32 to 122˚F)

ORP (mV)


±1000 mV


1 mV


±0.2% F.S



0 to 50˚C (32 to 122˚F)






3-Color Backlit LCD, 180˚ Viewing Angle

Blue: Measurement Mode; Green: Calibration Mode;

Red: Heads-Up Mode

Reading Lock


Stable Reading Indication

Smiley Face icon

Low-Battery Warning

Battery icon flashing, reminder of battery replacement



Heads-Up Function


Auto. Power-Off

Yes, auto power-off in 8 minutes without operation

Waterproof Rating

IP67; Floatable


DC3V, AAA batteries*4

Battery Life

Continuous operation up to 2000 hours

Dimensions& Weight

Tester: (40*40*220) mm/ 143g; With case:(255*210*50) mm/ 710g

Electrode’s Technical Specs


Solid and semi-solid pH Test: cheese, meat, fruit, sushi rice, bread, solid culture medium, soil, etc.;

Regular water solution testing

Shape of glass membrane




Temperature sensor



Double junction without diaphragm

Reference Electrode

Long-Life Reference System


Polymer Gel


0 to 14 pH

Temperature Range

0 to 50˚C (32 to 122˚F)

PH60S Instruction Manual (PH60S-v5.5.pdf, 1,062 Kb) [Download]

This is a high-quality instrument. It works perfectly and the instructions are easy to follow. I had several questions and the customer service at Apera was fantastic, answering each email quickly and knowledgeably. This is a great company that I highly recommend.
Started using this for the hot tub instead of those litmus papers that come in a little bottle. The Apera is much more accurate and I don't have to worry about running out of those litmus strips (which are good for other readings). The device is well made, comes with calibration liquids and instructions. It's easy to use once you read the instructions and calibrate the readings.
I was looking for a ph meter for measuring the ph of fermented meat products. This meter does everything I was hoping for and quickly.
I bought this to test the ph of my lievito Madre (sourdough starter) it does the job well. We'all see how it handles in the next couple of months.
I just purchased this for my food business and it works great! Easy to use and clear digital panel makes it easy to read.
Purchased as a gift for my son to test acid levels for his food preparation and preservation business. This is a highly accurate and professional instrument with digital measures that replaced a less accurate system using PH paper and color charts. This model included the food probe, but the electronic instrument may also be paired with other probes for measuring the PH level of water and other media.
I love this meter. I am using it for measuring water quality parameters for my aquaponics garden. Very easy to calibrate and maintains precision for several days.
Very accurate measurement, the temperature, however, maxed out at 50C
I was looking for a good, reliable pHmeter to test my canning and foods, and this is THE product I needed. I was also really pleased it can check the pH of the soil of my gardens. Very easy to calibrate and operate. The company offers very good support and after sale service.
After viewing a video tutorial, I was able to easily calibrate the tester and used it successfully for PH levels of my canned jam. I am quite happy with the product, especially because the PH calibration solutions were included in the kit. Customer service from Apera was exceptional when I called them with a basic operating question.
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