DO850 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit

DO850 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit

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Introducing the first Portable Optical Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit that won't break the bank.

State of the art Luminescent Optical DO Sensor

  • No Membrane, No Solution, No Hassle.
  • Quick & Accurate Measurements
  • The DO probe/tester/sensor does not consume oxygen. No limit on water flowing speed.
  • Maintenance-free. No need to calibrate before every use.
  • The service life of the luminescent cap is over 8000 hours. No need to replace the cap every year.
  • The special coating on the luminescent cap makes it anti-interference and unaffected by light and chemicals.
  • A calibration cap comes with the probe, which allows it to be calibrated and stored in saturated air.

Intelligent Instrumentation

  • Auto Temperature Compensation; Auto Air Pressure (barometric) Compensation; Manual Salinity Compensation
  • Large backlit LCD screen, simultaneously displaying dissolved oxygen reading and temperature. Easy switch from mg/L and % to ppm and %.
  • Advanced digital processing technology, supporting stable reading and auto-lock display modes.
  • IP67 Waterproof dust-proof rating allows the meter to be used in harsh environments.
  • Foldable stand allows use as a benchtop meter.
  • Cable Length: 10 ft
  • Comes with a rugged carrying case, which includes a Dissolved Oxygen Meter, an optical DO probe, and the accessories.


Measuring range

0-200%; 0-20.0mg/L


0.01/0.1mg/L (ppm), 0.1/1%


±2% of reading or ±2% of saturation, whichever is greater;

±2% of reading or ±0.2 mg/L (ppm), whichever is greater

Calibration points

Zero Oxygen and saturated oxygen

Temp. Compensation


Air pressure compensation


Salinity compensation



Measuring range

0 to 50.0


0.1 ˚C



Stable reading indication


Auto lock



White backlit LCD

Data storage


Built-in clock


Data output


IP rating


Power supply

AA Batteries×3

Battery life> 200 Hours

Instruction Manual (DO850_V1.1.pdf, 1,755 Kb) [Download]

This is a hand held digital dissolved oxygen meter. The meter is hard plastic and the cable is 10' in length and heavy built. It takes 3 AA batteries. It has a fold out stand. There is velcro to hold the cable. The carrying case is well made and padded. There is a small screw driver for the battery. There is an instruction manual. This is a nice heavy professional unit with a hard shell and shock resistant carrying case.

This could be used for spot checking boiler deaerators. While most industry has inline D.O. meters this would be good to spot check for leaks in the system. This is mainly for boiler operations. You can't have oxygen because of pitting. There may be other industrial uses but that would be the main use.

Other uses are for beer brewing, wine making and aquaculture.
I had been wanting a Koi pond for years. My husband said they were too much work and one day I decided to have one put in thinking, how hard could it really be? They are just like big goldfish right? Yeah, no that's not really how it works and I kept killing off fish. Then I realized water had to be tested for different things (including oxygen and ph levels) and that testing the water wasn't nearly as easy as it should be in some cases. For ph you just dip a strip. For oxygen it was a whole darn process. This device makes it SO much easier. The readings are pretty accurate. Always very close to each other when taken minutes apart. For my needs it's fine but for someone who needs exact spot on measurements every time this could pose a problem. That's why I had to deduct one star. For simplicity of use and quality (it comes in a nice hard shell tool type case) it would definitely get five stars.
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