SX823-B Portable pH/Conductivity Meter Tester Kit

SX823-B Portable pH/Conductivity Meter Kit, Testing pH/Cond./TDS/Temp. simultaneously

±1% FS, ±0.01 pH, Multi-Parameter, pH, Conductivity (EC), Salinity, TDS
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  • Auto calibration with buffer recognition, Auto Temperature Compensation, Testing pH (ORP)/Conductivity/TDS/Temperature simultaneously
  • High accuracy and consistency, quick response thanks to the digital filter technology and auto stable readings recognition (optional auto-hold function)
  • Intelligent Functions: easy display switch among pH/Conductivity/TDS, Easy parameter setup, Self-Diagnosis of out-of range value and electrode invalidation
  • Reliable Structure Design: Large clear LCD display, foldable stand allows use as a benchtop, soft silicon case gives you a nice grip, IP57 waterproof
  • Complete kit of pH/EC electrodes, calibration solutions, soaking solution, and backup batteries, and a rugged portable case

The Apera Instruments SX823-B Portable Multi-Parameter Meter kit measures pH (ORP)/Conductivity/TDS/Temperature at the same time, easy display switch among pH (ORP)/Conductivity/TDS (ORP electrode sold separately).

Accuracy: ±0.01 pH; ±1% F.S; ±0.5˚C. Range: -2.00-19.00 pH; Conductivity: 0~200 mS/cm (divided into five ranges): (0.00~19.99) μS/cm, (20.0~199.9) μS/cm, (200~1999) μS/cm, (2.00~19.99) mS/cm, (20.0~199.9) mS/cm; TDS: (0~100) g/L.

This meter features auto calibration with buffer recognition (1-3 points), auto temperature compensation (0-100˚C) , high accuracy/consistency, and quick response time thanks to the digital filter technology and auto stable readings recognition (adjustable stable criterion and optional auto-hold function). Plenty of intelligent functions such as indications of completed calibrations, self-Diagnosis of out-of range value and electrode invalidation, auto power-off, easy parameter setup, etc . Reliable structure design: large LCD screen with white backlit, foldable stand allows use as a benchtop meter, soft silicon case gives you a nice grip, IP57 waterproof and dustproof, great for field use.

Great value: comes with a complete kit—a SX823-B meter, 1 piece of 201T-Q 3-in-1 pH Electrode, 1 piece of 2301T-Q Conductivity Electrode, 4 bottles of calibration solutions (4.00/7.00, 1413μS /12.88mS), connector protection caps, AA backup batteries, a brief operation manual—all in a rugged portable carrying case. The meter is CE certified and comes with a 2-year warranty (6 months for electrode).



(0.00 to 14.00) pH


0.1/0.01 pH


±0.01 pH ±1 digit

Temperature compensation

(0 to 100)˚C (manual or automatic)



±1,000 mV


1 mV


±0.2% F.S ±1 digit



Conductivity: 0 to 200 mS/cm (divided into five ranges):

(0.00 to 19.99) μS/cm; (20.0 to 199.9) μS/cm;

(200 to 1999) μS/cm; (2.00 to 19.99) mS/cm;

(20.0 to 199.9) mS/cm

TDS: (0 to 100) g/L.


0.01/0.1/1μS/cm 0.01/0.1 mS/cm


±1.0% F.S ±1digit

Temperature compensation

(0 to 100)˚C (manual or automatic)

Electrode constant

0.1 / 1 / 10 cm-1



0 to 100˚C




±0.5˚C ±1 digit


AAA batteries × 3 (1.5V×3)

IP rating


Dimension & Weight

Meter: (86×196×33) mm / 335 g

Portable case:(370×270×77) mm/1.8kg

SX823-B Manual (SX823-B_v2.1.pdf, 1,063 Kb) [Download]

SX823-B Brief Guide (SX823-B_brief_guide.pdf, 181 Kb) [Download]

Great carrier case with all of the standards readily available for quick calibration. Display screen is clear and vivid, the case is waterproof and has a nice rear stand for a tilted view. Both individual probes have protective containers to store and protect the units. They provide a card within the product case to view tutorial videos, but this unit does not have one developed as of April 2017. The laminated quick reference sheet is nice to have.
This meter has met all my expectations and is nice that I can test EC at higher levels. Nice case to keep everything together. Easy to use and calibrate - just follow the directions in the manual.
The Apera SX823-B pH/Conductivity meter was purchased from the Apera web site, where it sells for $495.00. It is listed under a different name on the Amazon web site, where it sells for much less ($303.04), but it is the identical meter. I will now purchase all my Apera products on the Amazon web site for obvious reasons.

Apera has long been known for making high quality pH meters, and we have used their pH meters in our research for many years. Solution conductivity is a critical component of measuring our generation of molecular electronic devices, and this meter has the advantage of measuring both pH and conductivity using the same meter (but different probes). But both probes can be attached simultaneously, and a single mode button can be pressed to switch between measurements. I have reviewed Apera pH instruments on Amazon a number of times, and this one is as good as the dedicated pH meters in terms of accuracy (±0.04 pH from 4-10 pH in our hands). Calibration is simple and what I really like is one can do 1, 2 or 3 point calibration easily. The manual is quite good.

Conductivity measurements are actually easier than pH measurements and usually can be done without calibration. The meter comes factory calibrated, but as a test, I put the probe into the calibration solution prior to doing a calibration. The first picture shows the result, which was 1382 'S/cm using a 1413 'S/cm standard. This value is within 2% of the correct value which is normally more than adequate for routine measurements. After calibration and use for an hour, the 1413 'S/cm standard was measured to be 1411 'S/cm. The system is very stable.

A key requirement for conductivity measurements is to make sure there are no air bubbles trapped in the probe. Mixing the solution with the probe and letting the system sit for a minute or so is essential. After taking that precaution I had no problems.

It is also important to have a squeeze bottle of de-ionized water handy to wash the probe before immersing into a target solution. Cleaning the probe between measurements is critical if measuring low conductivity solutions. Indeed, I accidentally contaminated the distilled water solution in the storage cap by not washing the probe before putting it back (see picture 1).

Finally, I show in picture 3 a measurement of my tap water, which to my surprise was quite conductive despite being perfectly clear and having a near-zero turbidity. The conductivity of sea-water is typically 5 S/m, drinking water is typically in the range of 5-50 'S/cm, while highly purified water can be as low as 0.055 µS/cm. The fact that my water is at 497 'S/cm indicates a much higher than normal ion concentration typical of rather hard water.

In summary, this is a very well made meter that measures both conductivity and pH. I have not reviewed the pH capability here because I have reviewed other Apera pH meters on Amazon. This one is no different, and works beautifully. Conductivity measurements are even easier than pH, and in general, are less sensitive to error. A key advantage of this conductivity meter is that the probe tips are coated with platinum which minimizes polarization error and limits contamination due to ions that might stay on the surface. The probe can be cleaned with ethanol followed by distilled water. Please note that the aluminum stand shown in the pictures does not come with the meter, nor is it needed for measurements. It was used to help take the pictures.

Minor Issues:

1. Although the pH and temperature probes are simple to attach, the conductivity probe is rather hard if you want to screw the knob in to hold the connector fully in place. Someone with small fingers might have no problems, but I could not get my fingers in and had to use a small need nose pliers to fully screw the connector down. I discovered I did not need to screw it down to get consistent readings, so my recommendation is simply to skip that step. Alternatively, if you are working in a laboratory setting where you can leave the probes attached all the time, it is not an issue.

2. The Amazon web site as of Nov 12 2016 lists three bottles of pH calibration solutions (4.00, 7.00 and 10.01pH), and three bottles of conductivity calibration solutions ( 146.6'S/cm, 1413'S /cm and 12.88mS/cm). Unfortunately, only the following calibration solutions are included: (4.00 and 7.00 pH) and (1413'S/cm and 12.88mS/cm). You can purchase both pH and conductivity standards on the Apera web site and on Amazon. The reader may wonder why I did not take off a star for this, but most meters that you buy come with no standard solutions at all. Given the price of this system, it would be a good deal without any standards included. I contacted Apera and they plan to update the web site to correct this problem.
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