TN400 Portable Turbidity Meter Kit

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AI481 TN400 Portable Turbidity Meter, Large Colored TFT display with graphic and text guides, Accuracy: ±1% or 0.02 NTU, whichever is greater

  • Accurate and consistent turbidity test result
  • Easy and quick calibration
  • TFT Colored Screen (measurement mode, green in calibration) with graphic and text operation guides
  • U.S. EPA certified, non-toxic, easy-to-use Reagecon high-molecular polymer standard solutions
  • CE certified and comes with 2-Year Warranty

Portable, Reliable, and Affordable. The Apera Instruments TN400 Portable Turbidity Meter is equipped with a large TFT colored screen (blue for measurement, green for calibration), supporting display of graphic/text operation guides and a progress bar showing measurement progress. The test kit comes with 4 kinds of Reagecon high-molecular polymer turbidity standard solutions (0.02 NTU, 20.0 NTU, 100 NTU, 800 NTU), which are U.S. EPA certified, non-toxic, accurate, and easy to use, having evident advantages compared with traditional Formazin standard solution (highly toxic and inaccurate).

The meter is CE certified and comes with a 2-year warranty. The company designs and manufactures laboratory analytical instruments like pH meters, conductivity meters, electrodes, and buffer solutions for over 25 years.

Measuring Method

ISO 7027 compliant nephelometric method(90°)

Measuring Range

0 to 1000 NTU, automatic range selection:

0.01 to 19.99 NTU

20.0 to 99.9 NTU

100 to 1000 NTU


0.01/0.1/1 NTU

Reading Error

≤ ±2 % of reading± stray light


≤ ±1% of reading or 0.02 NTU, whichever is greater

Calibration Standards

0.02 NTU, 20.0 NTU, 100 NTU, 800 NTU(Polymer)

Light Source

Infrared light emitting diode(850nm wavelength)


Silicon photovoltaic


TFT Color screen

Sample Vials

Φ25×60 mm, high borosilicate glass with screw cap

Sample Volume

18 ml

Operating Temp. Range

0 to 50˚C (32˚F to 122˚F)

Power Supply

4× AA Alkaline Batteries

IP Rating



Meter:(90×203×80)mm / 385 g

Portable Case:(310×295×110)mm / 1.5 kg

Quality and Safety Certificate

ISO9001:2008 & CE

TN400 Manual (TN400_v3.1.pdf, 1,283 Kb) [Download]