PH800 Laboratory Benchtop pH Meter Tester Kit

PH800 Laboratory Benchtop pH Meter Kit

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  • The quality 201T-F pH/Temperature Combination Electrode/Probe ensures Stable & Accurate measurements
  • Quick and Easy 1 to 3 points auto calibration with calibration guide and reminder function
  • GLP Data management (500 groups of data storage) with USB data output
  • Electrode’s slope display between calibrations shows the health of your electrode
  • The large backlit LCD displays pH and temperature simultaneously along with icons of stable readings and finished calibrations.

The Apera Instruments PH800 Laboratory Benchtop Meter Kit provides reliable pH measurements with various intelligent functions and a durable structure. Equipped with Apera’s 3-in-1 pH electrode (201T-F), the meter measures pH and temperature in a quick and accurate manner. ORP (Redox) measuring mode available (ORP electrode sold separately).

Intelligent Functions:

Quick & Easy 1 to 3 Points Auto Calibration. The Smart Self-Diagnosis helps you conduct proper calibrations and monitor the condition of your probe with electrode’s slope data display between calibrations. The large clear LCD displays pH and temperature simultaneously along with icons of stable readings and finished calibrations.

GLP Data management (500 groups of data storage), USB data output and PC software support. Timing measurement/data logging mode and auto. calibration reminder function are available for professional measurements.

Reliable Structure:

IP54 Waterproof and Dustproof, ideal for use in harsh environments. It comes with a complete test kit including a meter, a pH electrode, a flexible electrode arm and holder, a USB cable, a PC-Link software disk (Windows-based system only), a 9V power adaptor, and 3 bottles of calibration solutions (50ml each). The product is CE certified and comes with a THREE-Year Warranty for the instrument, and a SIX-Month warranty for the electrode.






201T-F 3-in-1 Combination pH Electrode

Measuring Range

(-2 to 19.99) pH


0.1/0.01 pH


±0.01 pH ±1 digit

Input Current


Input Impedance

≥1x1012 Ω


±0.01 pH/3h ±1 digit

Temp. Compensation Range

0 to 100˚C (auto or manual)


Measuring Range

±1999 mV


1 mV


±0.1% F.S ±1 digit


Measuring Range

0 to 100˚C




±0.5˚C ±1 digit


Data Storage

500 Groups

Storage Content

Numberings, Date, Time,
Measurements, Unit, and Temperature

Data Output


Power Supply


IP Rating

IP54 Splash-proof and dust-proof

Dimensions and Weight

(8*9.5*4) inches / 2.1 pounds;

with case: 13*15*3.5 / 4.5 pounds

PH800 Instruction Manual (PH800_v2.1.pdf, 1,693 Kb) [Download]

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