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ZenTest® Smart Series

Apera 60-Z Smart Pocket Testers are the next-gen water testers designed for providing seamless water testing experience. Powered by the ZenTest Mobile App and connected via Bluetooth® 5.0, the 60-Z meters feature:

  • Up to 7 measuring parameters: pH, conductivity (EC), TDS (ppm), salinity (ppt), resistivity, ORP, and temperature
  • Step-by-step smart guides for tutorials and diagnosis on calibrating & operating the meter
  • Share measurement & calibration data right on your phone with a cloud-based unlimited data storage
  • Various replaceable probes with upgraded performance -- more durable, more reliable, and less hassle
  • Hybrid design -- can be used as a conventional tester even without smartphones
Download the ZenTest app on iOS or Android NOW for a demo, giving you an idea of how your new meter will function.